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Terms & Conditions

Terms of Service

The below mentioned terms and conditions govern all use of the Vega Institutewebsite and all content, certifications, courses and services available throughthe website, including, however not limited to, the user area (which is collectively called as the Site).

The Site is owned & operated by Vega Institute. The Site is subject to your acceptance without any changes in all of the terms and conditions that are enclosed herein and includes all operating rules, policies and procedures that will be published periodically on the website.

Please read the Agreement carefully before you access the Site. By accessing/using any part of the site, you agree that you are abiding the the terms and conditions of this agreement. If you don’t agree to all the terms and conditions of the
agreement given here, then you may not be able to access the Site or use any services.

General rules

By using the site of Vega Institute, information and details, including downloads, software, RSS and API (the “Services”), you agree to the Terms of Service of Vega Institute.

Vega Institute has the full rights to alter, add/remove certain Terms and Conditions at any time, which will be displayed on the site and come into effect on inclusion. It is the entire responsibility of the user to know about and review the changes and by usage of the site and thereby you agree to any changes.

Personal information

If you are a training participant, details of your employer and other general contact information: Name, email address, physical address and phone number will be collected. Some participants will also require additional identifying information like employee ID number. But, We never ask or process sensitive personal information.

If you are enrolling training for yourself or interact with our Services without as a training participant, we collect the contact information that you provide.

While you interact with our Services, we tend to collect IP addresses and data that are associated with cookies. We generate information about your use of the services which includes a record of your training.

We do not deliberate personal information including information that is anonymized or aggregated and we do not use it to identify a specific natural person, in combination with other information or otherwise.

Use of the services

The site does not let the users to access or force users to take any action that harms us or a third party. The user can access only the site contents/details authorized for view. He cannot access parts of the site that are not authorized for use. The user should not attempt to bypass any condition or rules that a  imposed for use or access which may affect or disable the functioning or appearance of the site; this includes the presentation or display of advertising. It is a part of exposing advertising as a condition while you access the services.

The site may contain links to other Internet sites, resources & advertisers. Vega Institute is not responsible for the availability of external resources/their contents, to be directed to any external link on the site.