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Vega Institute is a global leader in courses, certifications and services, with trainers around the world. Proficient instructors are the best part for effective learning. The success of our learning system is always appreciated for the great participation and quality of teaching by the well- experienced faculties. The trainer team specializes in providing all online certifications, courses and industrial programs and intended to up-skill the professionals in the most efficient way as well as in afforded budgets.
We have outstanding tutors, industry recognized leaders who are well-versed in the subject and have done their PhD in the core areas. This is the aspect that separates our experts from others and enables them to deliver excellent coaching
in a wide range of subjects.
Our professional mentors have extensive experience across all the industries of Computer science, mechanic, automobile, civil etc. and hence could develop training programs that will perfectly target your needs.
Our team has well understood that with the rapidly evolving world, every student and professional needs skills that are focused towards gaining leadership and competencies in order to stay as capable and efficient individuals in the competitive world. So, Vega Institute provides the learners the most advanced learning with new technologies with the best training team incorporated with world-class training sessions, experts in subject matters, thus ensuring the learners master the concepts and skills they need during their career journey.
No matter wherever you are in the world, our training centers situated globally can provide high quality training that are delivered through industry experienced professionals having hands on experience both theoretically and practically. Vega ensures that the learners are in the same pace with technological advancement and we make sure trending courses in the portfolio from time to time. Our dedicated team has conducted 500+ training sessions, 400+ webinars, and has given the best to 1000+ students and we take pride that they are placed in leading MNCs around the world. Even our students have begun their career journey with Vega as trainers. Interested to become a trainer with Vega group?

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Our team is equipped with all those technology and equipment you need and are situated globally. For delivering the best possible learning experience, Vega Institute has been partnering with industry legends and tied up with top universities in academy and technology. 

Mauritius – marketing, sales and training team

India (Chennai) – IT and operations and marketing team

At Vega we have aimed to solve the skill gap and get you the most on demand training and courses, so that you can excel in your field. Our global learning system is accessible to every learner at any time with online based learning that lets you upgrade the skills and become appealing applicants to your employers.

Vega Institute has its in Services & Consultancy and has its branches across the world including Africa, Kenya, Madagascar and India.