Cisco certifications are a sure-fire way to gain maximum benefits by anyone wishing to build a career around Cisco products. This post majorly focuses on CCNA, which prepares IT enthusiasts for entry-level career opportunities in the industry with Cisco Networking. The IT job market is more crowded than ever. Even with a networking degree, it can become difficult to stand out in the crowd with the majority of the people with the same credentials. CCNA certification can help you establish your mark and stand out in the crowd. There are several benefits of acquiring CCNA certifications, and we will highlight the most important ones to help you make your mind.

Why Do I Need CCNA?

Whether you are applying for a new job or looking for a higher position in your current tech firm, an additional Cisco certification can help you. Cisco training and certification is the best way to showcase the incredible IT skills you possess. In case of a new job, having a CCNA certification can earn you more points. Most interview decisions are based on minimal information available on the resume. When you put a Cisco certification there, you definitely get an upper-hand with competence. On the other hand, when your employers learn about your new certifications, they translate it into the amount of benefit they can gain from you. This eventually gives you the opportunity to grow and secure a higher position in the same organization. CCNA is your ticket to accelerate your career and take it to the next level. While there are tons of other Cisco certifications (including professional and expert levels), this is where you get started.

Professional Benefits for Networking Professionals of CCNA

As mentioned above, there are various Cisco training modules that a candidate can opt for. CCNA, however, is an associate-level certification that works as a gateway to other, more complex certification programs. Moreover, there are tons of other professional benefits that networking professionals can gain by attaining professional Cisco training.

Great Acceptability

Cisco is a popular name in the IT industry. It’s renowned around the world not only for the complete platform it offers but the amazing features that have made IT easier for businesses. Therefore, anyone who is trained and certified to use that platform and features surely enjoys the same attention. Cisco training helps candidates gain recognition. Once you get your certification, you can showcase it on your resume and validate the technical skills you possess to work with complex networking models. Also, it helps improve your chances for success when you apply for job opportunities in the Cisco networking domain. Since the industry is constantly evolving, the certification remains valid for three years only, which means you need to get the best opportunities and make the most out of them within this time frame.


With CCNA certification under your belt, employees perceive you as an expert in the field, with a clear understanding of Cisco networking concepts and methodology. Learning is crucial in this field. IT is growing at a tremendous pace and to stay relevant to the industry; it is important to enhance your knowledge and skill set too. Moreover, it also plays a role in helping you beat the competition. The certification is that ‘extra’ that you need on top of your experience to stay updated in the technological developments and keeping the learning going.

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A Prerequisite for Future Certifications

Most professional and expert level Cisco certifications require CCNA as a prerequisite. Only when you are certified with CCNA, you can opt for other Cisco certifications. It is crucial to plan your steps wisely if you want to complete the entire Cisco program. It is also important to enroll for another Cisco certification if you have a valid CCNA certification. So, don’t let the time take that opportunity away from you.

Better Salary and Perks

If you have been eyeing a higher position company and expecting an appraisal soon, this could be your chance to hit it right. The right timing is also very important with CCNA certification. If you opt for it now, you can definitely achieve a better position, bigger salary package, and additional perks. CCNA is an achievement that would shine across your resume. Something this significant cannot stay unnoticed by your employers. Get ready to get your certification cashed and earn better career opportunities in the industry.

Career Boost

In simple words, it is easier for an employee to climb the success ladder quicker as compared to other IT employees if you have additional certification. By becoming a CCNA certified professional, you can give your career the instant boost you are looking for.

Global Recognition

In addition to the Cisco platform, the CCNA certification is also globally recognized and accepted. This allows networking professionals to negotiate for a higher pay scale as compared to people who are not CCNA certified. With the market adapting to the growing needs of IT, there are many amazing career opportunities available to potential networking experts. The certification enables the candidate to utilize the knowledge and skills to explore different networking modules, which further gives one’s career a great boost.


As important as it is to acquire this amazing certification, it may not be sufficient alone in case you want to outperform your competitors. You must also have a relevant academic background and interest in building a professional career in networking. With the right approach, a CCNA certificate does ensure you achieve whatever career objectives you have in mind. To learn more about your options, get in touch with our Cisco experts today. 

Get CCNA certified with QuickStart’s certification training courses, where you also get live mentor sessions and continuous support from subject matter experts to ease your certification preparation journey.


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