VEGA Institute has managed to properly utilize today’s possibilities in developing remarkable strengths that will extent to wider scope and opportunities in years to come. Taking advantage of such opportunities and controlling its strengths, the Institute will overcome weaknesses, conquer challenges, and succeed in fulfilling its mission of achieving global recognition through excellence in education, commitment, and continuous improvement. To this extent, the Institute is devoted to made necessary arrangements that encourage development, enhance student-faculty and student-staff proportions, harness an environment that promotes comprehensiveness and variety, benefit students, improve connections and cooperation with students and graduates, and extent its efforts to select the best and brightest students, faculty, and staff.

Accounting for the commitment to achieve the above mentioned, the Institute defines strategic plans for online learning that promote new opportunities and introduce new requirements in alignment with community needs. Vega Institute bounds to exploit its strengths to the best of its abilities, and by taking proper action to enhance resources through enlargement that allow for broadening the programs and developing innovative communities for students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Objective 1:  Advance online learning services

Online learning services encompass anything from support resources to faculty and program advancements to policy enforcement and upgrade. Of concern here is any activity that provides for better quality assessment strategies reflective of the necessities of distance teaching and learning. Each of the indicated contributes a fair share in advancing online learning services by providing improved opportunities for learning, strong support system, functional policies and guidelines consistent with best practices of online learning.

Objective 2: Enhance student enrollments and improve student success

The Institute aims to attract and grow the number of students for at least 20% on the second year of operation. To accomplish noteworthy and sustainable growth of the student body, the university will increase the numbers and sources of student success and improve their learning outcomes.

Action Steps:

  1. Improve and support strategic, innovative and distinct syllabi.
  2. Expand academic support pathways for students.
  3. Focus on initiatives that support and enhance student commitment and maximize student achievement.
  4. Increase and diversify student enrollments by attracting a wide international student base.

Measuring Achievements:

  • Increased number of enrolled students as compared to the enrollments of the previous year
  • Improve student support and initiatives
  • Increase student satisfaction
  • Improve graduate outcomes

Objective 3: Improve institutional effectiveness

In developing a distinctive Institute in a competitive and changing landscape, we reflect on the effectiveness of our practices and make modifications where necessary. VEGA Institute will be selective and strategic in choices, and align planning, evaluation and budgeting procedures with its strategic ambitions in the most effectual way. Institutional effectiveness is at the heart of this decision-making, reflection and growth process. Operational excellence will magnify VEGA Institute’s accomplishment of the goals in our Strategic Plan.

Action Steps:

  1. Entice and retain staff who are committed to the Institute’s Mission and Values, and support them to succeed in their roles.
  2. Embed a commitment to excellence and leadership within the Institute’s governance, management, and decision-making frameworks.
  3. Strengthen organizational efficiency and effectiveness to optimize excellence and sustainability.
  4. Effect answerable and advanced management of resources that support the Institute’s considered goals.
  5. Increase staff competence for the distribution of digital technologies.
  6. Optimize business processes and organizational structure

Measuring Achievements:

  • Annual positive cash flow
  • Staff costs as a ratio of total operational income
  • Staff re-arrangements

Overall Goals for Online Offerings

  • Efforts should be reinforced to guarantee that online course offerings are of consistently high quality and in keeping with nationally established best practices.
  • Procedures for faculty agreement, faculty governance, and post-implementation assessment should be reviewed, modernized, and then consistently applied to all new offerings.
  • Assessment plans should be established and followed that take into account the inherent differences between teaching in face-to-face and online atmospheres. These new approaches should be executed with an eye toward measuring both the success of the instructor, as well as the success of the delivery manner.
  • Students in online courses should be repeatedly surveyed about service functions of the Institute as they pertain to online courses and whether those functions satisfactorily meet their needs in a virtual environment.

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