Introduction to MS Excel VBA

  • Course level: Intermediate
  • Categories Microsoft
  • Last Update 26/02/2021


Excel with VBA training builds you the necessary skills in getting proficiency in of handling repetitive tasks and run in response on occurrence of specific events.

VBA or Visual Basic for Applications training automate activities in Excel such as preparing charts and graphs, generating reports,  doing calculations, etc.  The automation activity also can be referred as Macro that helps users to save time by automation of repetitive steps.

Who Should Attend

Learners who may want to automate repetitive tasks using VBA codes in Microsoft Excel or simplify complex tasks using VBA programming.

Course Duration

3 Days / 24 Hours


  • Simple keyboard typing
  • Navigating using the mouse
  • Able to manage files and create folders
  • Knowledge on Microsoft Excel 2013, including writing of Formulas and Functions

Topics for this course

72 Lessons

Understanding Excel VBA

Programming in Microsoft Excel7:09
VBA Terminology
Displaying the DEVELOPER Tab
The VBA Editor Screen
Opening and Closing the Editor
Understanding Objects
Viewing the Excel Object Model
Using the Immediate Window
Working With Object Collections
Setting Property Values
Working With Worksheets
Using the Object Browser
Programming With the Object
Accessing Help

Starting With Excel VBA


Functions in VBA

Using Excel Objects

Programming UserForms

Automatic Startup

Error Handling