DBA 12c R2: Admin Workshop Ed 3

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  • Last Update February 26, 2021


DBA 12c R2: Admin Workshop Ed 3: take you to the leaning of about the Oracle Database architecture. You will be able to have understanding on how effectively you can manage an Oracle Database instance, configure Oracle Network Environment and perform database maintenance.

Topics for this course

137 Lessons

Getting Started

Course Objectives00:00:00

Exploring Oracle Database Architecture

Managing Database Instances

Creating PDBs

Configuring the Oracle Network Environment

Administering User Security

Creating and Managing Tablespaces

Managing Storage Space

Managing UNDO Data

Moving Data

Backup and Recovery Concepts

Monitoring and Tuning Database Performance

SQL Tuning

Oracle Database Resource Manager

Enterprise Manager Cloud Control

Introduction to Oracle Database Cloud Service

Creating DBCS Database Deployments

Managing DBCS Database Deployments

Backing Up and Restoring DBCS Database Deployments

Patching DBCS Database Deployments

Creating Master Encryption Keys for PDBs

Tablespace Encryption by Default