Cloud Computing (Cloud+ Exam)

  • Course level: Intermediate


Cloud computing online course is becoming a top priority among organizations. A huge part of data of organizations is being migrating to the cloud. This clearly indicates that there will be endless job opportunities for those who have the necessary skills in this domain. If you would like to become cloud administrators, architects, engineers and security specialists, cloud certifications can help you in getting the desired job and go a long way in heightening your career growth.

Since cloud computing aids in lowering the service costs of both businesses and individuals and empowers IT organizations with enormous storage capabilities, there is no worries about the limitation of storing data.

From the career perspective, by learning cloud computing, the participants can be equipped with the knowledge on the concepts of cloud computing and implement its various services. They will gain an in-depth understanding of cloud hosting services providers, their architecture, services, deployment and more that are helpful in solving problems that are related to business infrastructure.

The participants will be able to obtain significant knowledge and experience that are required to leverage both the business and technical benefits of cloud computing. With Vega Institute’s CompTIA Cloud+, you will develop an effective implementation strategy and will be provided with the capabilities of building and deploying applications to the cloud.

Topics for this course

16 Lessons

Cloud Computing

Lesson 1: Preparing to Deploy Cloud Solutions
Lesson 2: Deploying a Pilot Project
Lesson 3: Testing Pilot Project Deployments
Lesson 4: Designing a Secure and Compliant Cloud Infrastructure
Lesson 5: Designing and Implementing a Secure Cloud Environment
Lesson 6: Planning Identity and Access Management for Cloud Deployments
Lesson 7: Determining CPU and Memory Sizing for Cloud Deployments
Lesson 8: Determining Storage Requirements for Cloud Deployments
Lesson 9: Analysing Workload Characteristics to Ensure Successful Migration
Lesson 10: Maintaining Cloud Systems
Lesson 11: Implementing Backup, Restore, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity Measures
Lesson 12: Analysing Cloud Systems for Performance
Lesson 13: Analysing Cloud Systems for Anomalies and Growth Forecasting
Lesson 14: Troubleshooting Deployment, Capacity, Automation, and Orchestration Issues
Lesson 15: Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues
Lesson 16: Troubleshooting Security Issues