Certified Chief Information Security Officer( CCISO )

  • Course level: Intermediate


EC-Council Certified Chief Information Security Officer (CCISO) is the best certification program for the professionals who are intended to build the real-world experience that is required to succeed in their career for the higher executive levels of information security. By completing and acquiring this certification, students can gain a strong “big picture” knowledge which is required in networking jobs to create robust networking topologies which interact to form a secure network. Moreover, the candidates will be provided with the knowledge of best practices essential to develop a secure IT networking environment and infrastructure.

The CCISO certification will authorize the learners with the most aspiring and on demand career title of an information security professional. On enrolling in this certification, you can validate and upgrade the necessary skills used in CISO systems for communication.

What Will I Learn?

  • Capabilities for defining, implementing, and managing an information security governance program which comprises organizational structures, leadership and processes.
  • Ability to assess the major enterprise risk factors for compliance.
  • Able to identify vulnerability and attacks that are related with wireless networks and ability to manage different wireless network security tools.
  • Skills for designing and developing programs which will help in monitoring firewalls and identify issues with firewall configuration.
  • Comprehend various system-engineering practices.
  • Identify the volatile and persistent system information.
  • Deploy and manage anti-virus systems.
  • Knowledge to develop and manage organizational digital forensic programs.
  • Acquire the knowledge about the best practices required to obtain, store and process digital evidence.
  • Describe key performance indicators and measure the effectiveness on a continuous basis.
  • Know about the IA security requirements that should be included in statements of work and other relevant procurement documents in the CCISO certification training program.
  • Identify and report financial metrics to stakeholders.

Material Includes

  • Duration: Full-time-5 Days
  • Duration: Part-time-5 Saturdays
  • 28 hours on-demand video
  • 11 articles
  • 1 downloadable resource
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion


  • This course is open to anyone who is interested in taking CCISO training. Official CCISO Training is needed for those applicants who fail to meet the requirement for self-study (above). On completing the training, applicants wishing to appear for the CCISO Exam are required to fill out and return the Exam Eligibility Application and they are expected to possess 5 years of expertise in IS management in 3 of the 5 CCISO Domains. On the approval of application, the instructions for purchasing a Pearson VUE voucher will be issued. For those applicants who fail to meet these requirements another option to appear for the EC-Council Information Security Manager (E|ISM) exam as part of the Associate CCISO Program.

Target Audience

  • Network Engineers with specialization in security are the target people who can take advantage of this certification.