istockphoto 1199243271 170667a CompTIA N+ certification

Looking to develop an IT career that can serve as a stepping stone to your advanced networking credentials? Want to enhance your skills as a technician in network support and administration? It is the perfect time to take our 5 days CompTIA N+ certification and familiarize yourself with all those domain topics required for better preparing to pass the credential exam.

Gain an in-depth understanding about the new Cisco certifications and how they meant to your career growth. Vega Institute is conducting 5 days Cisco certified Network Associate training to enrich the learning of how to use the skills in networks and deepen the abilities of network engineers.

Do you know that the capabilities of conducting penetration testing is becoming an on demand skill set these days and it can add more value to the organizations in seeking protection? The 5 days learning path CompTIA PenTest+ training from Vega Institute builds knowledge on technical skills required to conduct penetration tests and learn about scoping a potential penetration test, identify vulnerabilities and use popular pentesting tools for your security career.