Benefits Of Online Learning

VEGA Institute periodically establishes review metrics to capture the performance of students and faculty as well as the effectiveness of its online learning offerings. Reviews reveal valuable information such as the number of times a student has attended a class, the time spent in a […]

How Online Learning Works

VEGA Institute has managed to properly utilize today’s possibilities in developing remarkable strengths that will extent to wider scope and opportunities in years to come. Taking advantage of such opportunities and controlling its strengths, the Institute will overcome weaknesses, conquer challenges, and succeed in fulfilling […]

Vega Institute Strengthens Your Learning During This Lockdown

This covid-19 pandemic situation and the lock down have pushed the people to look for alternatives for the activities that involve face to face interaction. This unprecedented interruption in the academic system and learning has made obstacles to direct teaching. But to overcome these hurdles […]

5 days ISO 27001 lead implementer training program

Register now for the 5 days ISO 27001 lead implementer training program at Vega Institute to know about the key steps that are required to implement and maintain a successful Information Security management. If you wish to gain a comprehensive understanding about the best practices […]